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NDs Compared to MDs:
The difference between a Medical Doctor and a Naturopath:

Medical Doctors:



have patients   have clients
diagnose disease   evaluate health
prescribe medicines   suggest nutrition
cure diseases   stimulate health & wellness

A true, traditional Naturopath (or "Classical" Naturopath) does not seek to "practice medicine."  If a person is in an automobile accident, he does not, and should not, seek out a Naturopath!  He needs a medical doctor and a hospital to address his injuries.  Rather, a person who is not injured, but is interested in optimizing his current state of health and wellness, should seek out a Traditional Naturopath.  This individual can be taught lifestyle methods that will enhance his, or her, personal health.

An "MD" (Medical Doctor) uses techniques and practices such as chemicals, drugs, surgery and other therapies designed to address the codified symptomology of disease.

An "ND" (Doctor of Naturopathy) is a professional that has earned a degree in alternative and complimentary methods that do not involve drugs, surgery, or any invasive methods.  They are simply teachers of natural health and wellness practices!


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