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Will the True ND Prevail?

It is my fervent hope that the true, Traditional Naturopath will be allowed to continue to help people develop optimal personal health throughout the entire United States of America! However, this personal health choice and freedom will only be available if we stand up and are counted! We need to educate our state representatives in each state to the issue confronting us... that of forced licensing. With forces such as the AANP trying to legislature their own "brand" of Naturopathy (with drugs and surgery) as the "new standard," as opposed to the traditional, classical Naturopathic standard, our work is "cut out for us!"  They are well organized, well funded, and have a vested interest in making their voice the ONLY voice in the Natural Health field! If I were a state legislator, personally, I would want to help the Allopathic Medical Profession stay separate and distinct from those of us that simply want to teach natural health practices to clients that only want guidance in maintaining optimal health!  I would want to keep the Traditional Naturopath FREE of requirements to embrace a practice NOT truly their own (that of prescribing drugs and performing surgeries!)

I have many personal examples of cooperative work with the medical profession. My own son was diagnosed with severe plantar warts that the podiatrist said would require either "freezing" of the tissue (which we were told would be very painful,) to minor surgery to "cut out" the warts! As our son was only nine years old at the time; I did not relish the thought of subjecting him to such treatment, and possible "coloring" his view of the medical arts! So, in the two weeks intervening between doctor's appointments, we used a simple, non-invasive orthomolecular treatment that I had learned during my Naturopathic training... my wife and I applied simple (non-prescription) Vitamin A in 10,000 I.U. capsules directly to the warts as a topical rub. We did this by breaking open two 10,000 I.U. gelatin capsules and rubbing the contents on the warts. At the end of the two weeks, when we took him to the doctor, the warts were gone! No pain... no surgery, or "freezing" treatments required. The doctor was pleased, we were pleased, and my son was relieved that no further treatment was required as well (as you can imagine!) This is but a simple example of the benefits of Naturopathic knowledge combined with the medical profession in a synergistic fashion!

Traditional Naturopaths like myself should be allowed to share this kind of beneficial knowledge with those that seek out such information unimpeded by requirements of law to be licensed (yet, of course, honoring existing laws!) We should NOT be required to go to schools that teach contrary to Traditional Naturopathy (such as AANP "certified" schools that teach surgery and prescribing drugs) to earn and use an "ND" degree. Personally, I have no interest in an "NMD" degree (Naturopathic Medical Doctor,) as I find that somewhat contradictory to Traditional Naturopathic teaching! A doctorate in Naturopathy should be simply a degree that qualifies one to teach Naturopathic principles, not to "operate" or "prescribe," or "practice." That is the venue of Allopathic (western medical) practitioners.  I suppose if an existing "MD" wanted to learn and practice Naturopathy, then an "NMD" might be warranted.

What can YOU do to help educate your legislators and others interested in these issues? Here is a simple list that should provide a few answers:

  • Contact your legislative representatives in your state (particularly in states like NC and CA that are attempting to pass these laws  that are requiring licensure of Naturopaths, and share this web site's URL (web address) with them. Encourage them to read the information presented here with an open mind. The Internet address of this site is:

  • Send a letter to your representatives asking them to vote against bills like the the NC House Bill (H969) the "Naturopathic Physicians Registration Act." Here is a link to that bill:

  • Also there is a Senate Bill that you should also help defeat: NC Senate Bill 1080, which is the same, essentially, as the House Bill.  Here is a link to that bill:

  • Encourage friends that are interested in Natural Health Freedom issues to go to, and read, this web site as well!

Together we CAN make a difference in seeing that Traditional (TRUE) Naturopathy remains free in our great nation!

- Dr. Bill Bailey, Ph.D., MH, ND, CNHP



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